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Proud to be Irish!

Trenton AOH Division 1 Pipe Band

Trenton AOH Division 1 Pipe Band

March is a really great month. When I think of March, I think of awesome parades, family time, fish fries, and of course, St. Patrick’s Day!

The month of March is jam packed with celebrations, gatherings, and tons of parades!  I go to a lot of parades because my dad is a bagpiper with the Trenton AOH Division 1 Pipe Band. A pipe band is an excellent addition to any parade! They provide great music and are usually a great group of people.

There are many great parade committees that create parades all over New Jersey.  One located right here in Robbinsville is RIHA. Both of my parents are involved in this organization.  RIHA, which stands for Robbinsville Irish Heritage Association, is a nonprofit organization that puts on an amazing parade every year to promote Irish Heritage and to bring the community together to celebrate.  They also provide a scholarship to a graduating RHS senior every year.

I recently attended Gael Scoil on Feb. 22nd and 23rd. Gael Scoil is a wonderful program put together by Joe Cahill AOH Division 10.  It promotes the Irish culture to kids who want to learn more about their Irish heritage. I have attended for the past six years and have learned so much.  We bake Irish soda bread (although I think my mom’s family recipe is better).  We learn about the diverse pieces of Irish music, the history of Ireland, and much more. This year, they brought in an Irish Wolfhound and it was really big!  My favorite class there was definitely music because they had a harp player and other instruments including Uilleann bagpipes.  The Uilleann bagpipes are unique from other bagpipes because you don’t need to blow into a mouthpiece to get air into the sac that makes the sound. They also had Christine Kinealy, an Irish history writer, teach us about An Gorta Mor, the Great Hunger.  It was really interesting!

I hope to go to Ireland someday and actually see the amazing things I’ve learned about and experience something new. I am very proud to be Irish!

by Kaeleigh E. Sturgeon – age 13

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