Tax breaks mulled to bring new warehouses to redevelopment zone

The Township Council is asked to approve tax break incentives to bring two new warehouse projects to the Southeast Redevelopment Area.

Portions of Sharbell project on Gordon Road win final approval

Portions of Sharbell project on Gordon Road win final major subdivision approval, but the fate of the rest of the property may be up to the courts to decide.

Nonprofit animal clinic making pet ownership more affordable

Nonprofit animal clinic performs over4,000 spay/neuter surgeries since opening one year ago this week, but staff wishes they were busier.

Economic Development Advisory Committee open for business

The Robbinsville Economic Development Advisory Committee, REDAC for short, is in the business of helping township businesses.

New options eyed for long-term municipal office space needs

Mayor says new municipal office space options under consideration are cheaper than the original Roma Bank deal that collapsed.

RHS robotics team advances to world championships

Robbinsville High School’s robotics team heads to the world championships in St. Louis this week.

NorthStar VETS docs’ mission to Malawi builds perspective

Robbinsville vets travel to Malawi to show villages how to breed a sturdier goat, lure the wild honeybees and build a better chicken so the people can outlast the hungry season.

Investors Bank CEO pledges to be ‘part of the solution’ to town’s municipal space problem

In the wake of cancelled building project, Investors Bank CEO pledges to be ‘part of the solution’ to Robbinsville’s municipal office space problem.

Mayor Fried’s political fundraiser showcases Robbinsville businesses

Fundraiser for mayor’s re-election campaign showcases Robbinsville’s businesses.

Handcrafted arts & crafts fair featuring 70 artisans returns to RHS

“Cutting-edge” handcrafted fair featuring 70 regional artisans opens April 20 at Robbinsville High School with free admission to shoppers.